Cannons Photos


We’d love you to share your photos from training, game day and club or AFL events.

The Club has a Smugmug gallery, where you can upload your photos and videos so we can share them to the club. Please read our photo policy before contributing. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Here are the upload links for Season 2024. To make sure we see your contributions promptly and acknowledge them appropriately, please follow the following steps.

  1. Select the appropriate team. It will open a simple drag/drop or upload page. This works on mobile and desktop.
  2. Smugmug doesn’t notify us of new entries. Please email to let us know you have new photos uploaded.
  3. Ideally, please include a shot of the final scoreboard (or tell us who won or lost) so we have some idea what to say in social media posts.
  4. Let us know how you’d like to be credited. We like to thank our contributors and will do so using your first name, unless you provide us with an Instagram handle.

Smugmug Gallery Upload Links Season 2024

Youth Girls

U9 Youth Girls

U11 Youth Girls

U13 Youth Girls

U15 Youth Girls

Boys and mixed teams

U12 Division 2

U14 Division 1

U14 Division 3

U15 Division 1

U15 Division 3

U17 Division 3 Orange

U17 Division 3 Teal

Cannons volunteers

Volunteers (These can also be uploaded to your team folder.)

Share with your team

Want to share the photos with the team as well? No problem! Go to this page: and use the browse tab to navigate to your team.

You can share the URL from there.

Photos are set to download (no cost) automatically, but if you don’t want your photos downloaded by parents, please let us know. Parents are also able to purchase prints through the site. This is a service offered by Smugmug and has no financial benefit or involvement by the Club.

Thank you!

Photo tips

If you have a DSLR camera but haven’t used it for sport before, give it a go!

Some tips for DSLR cameras:

  • If you have a zoom lens, use it.
  • Many cameras have a sports or action setting – use this.
  • If you don’t have a sports/action setting, try shutter priority mode (Nikon and Sony use ‘S’; Canon and Pentax use Tv). To freeze action, try 1/800 to 1/1000 of a second with ISO on auto.

Mobile phone photos

Almost everyone has a phone in their pocket. Here are some tips that will help you provide engaging content with a mobile phone.

  1. Don’t zoom.

The second you start zooming, you lose picture quality. Get closer to your subject if you can. If you can’t, take the photo without zooming and crop later (or we can crop).

  1. Use the phone in landscape mode.

Unless you’re taking a photo of something really tall or long and thin, consider turning the phone on its side to take photos or videos – they show up much better on social media this way.

  1. Get closer.

Fill the whole frame with your subject if you can.

  1. Action shots on a mobile phone.

Action shots can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ on a mobile. The burst function can sometimes yield a good photo but wait until the action is close to you. Don’t expect the phone to pick up action shots from across the other side of the oval.

  1. Try video snippets instead.

Sometimes it is better just to take a snippet of video action on your mobile, but again, wait until the action is up close.

  1. Take more photos.

The more photos you take, the better chance you have to find a good one – someone is bound to blink, or the angle didn’t work. Where you would take one, try taking 3 or 4 and picking the best.

  1. Think of the background.

Often you don’t have a choice, but if you do, think about what is in the background. Are the kids standing in front of a garbage bin? Is there a pole coming out of someone’s head?

  1. Hold your phone steady.

Rather than hold your phone out at arm’s length, turn yourself into a human tripod. Hold your phone with both hands and pull your arms close to your chest or stomach.

  1. Angle your phone.

Get down to eye level to take photos of kids, rather than taking a photo looking down on them.

  1. Where’s the sun?

If you’re shooting into the sun, you may be able to see people’s faces but your smartphone probably won’t be able to and you’ll just see a shadow.

  1. Send them through to us in ORIGINAL size.

Don’t reduce the size of the photo you’re sending through – whatever method you’re using to send it to us, send it in full size. We’ll reduce them in size if we need to.

  1. The action isn’t just on the sidelines!

There are plenty of things to photograph off field, and if you’re shooting on a mobile phone, they may even work out better.


  • Team huddle
  • Coach/manager chatting to the kids
  • Kids walking on/off the field together
  • Kids encouraging each other eg high fives
  • Kids on the bench waiting to play
  • Our awesome volunteers at work – talking to kids, getting the gear sorted, umpiring games, waving flags, running boundaries, cooking sausages
  • Breaks in play for oranges or snakes
  • Singing the team song
  • Team awards
  1. Have fun!

Taking photos shouldn’t be a chore – and we don’t want you to be so focused on photos that you miss important moments. Take photos and send them through when you can. If you can’t because you have other responsibilities, or you just don’t feel like it that day, then don’t. No pressure!