St Luke’s Oval Development Update

Canada Bay Cannons, Concord Giants and Drummoyne Power are pleased to update you on the next phase of funding and greenspace development of St Lukes Oval.

The Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund (GSSFF) has recently announced a grant of $939,000 as part of $1.89m in total funding from the Canada Bay Council and a contribution from AFL NSW/ACT.

The earliest this greenspace upgrade will occur will be July/August 2021, as there are considerable planning steps to be undertaken and dependent projects such as Concord Oval redevelopment.

The St Lukes Oval greenspace upgrade will include:

  • Final design,
  • Civil works including overall levelling and widening of the eastern/canal side of the field,
  • Drainage and irrigation, including council’s commitment to use of recycled water in the St Lukes precinct
  • Resurfacing with natural grass, and
  • Perimeter fencing.

The Council will be managing the project delivery, and there are a number of planning, procurement and contractual steps to be undertaken prior to construction beginning.

The clubs have been working with Canada Bay Council and AFL NSW/ACT to improve facilities and greenspace at St Lukes over the past four years.

  • Phase I of the project included new field lighting, LED scoreboard, complete renovation of canteen and two change-rooms, including substantial contribution from Concord Giants and Drummoyne Power clubs from our funds. These have made a huge difference to St Lukes, and the greenspace upgrades will be a fabulous improvement.
  • Phase II is focused on greenspace upgrade as outlined above, and
  • Phase III of the project will include further upgrades to the facilities, including new disabled/men’s/women’s toilets, permanent garage storage and significant upgrade to proposed second floor club room and viewing facilities.

We’ll be working closely with council on the Phase II development, and look forward to updating you on this huge step forward in improving greenspace at St Lukes Oval.

U15/2 v St Ives

Round Two, aka The Big Wet

St Lukes, Sunday 26 June 2020

There is nothing like getting comfortable with a good book on a cold and rainy Sunday, and for the parents of Cannons 15/2s this Sunday was no different… that is,  it was nothing like getting comfortable.

St Lukes was the venue, St Ives were the opponents, the heavens opened, and the rain was biblical!

It was weather better suited to ark building than football and the hellish scenario was made worse with injury and illness further depleting the already limited numbers. It would be a test of courage and commitment as coach Paul urged the 16 available boys to work together and have faith in each other.

The ground was soft but the Cannons brought a hardness to the opening bounce and the constant rain was a great leveller of skills and speed. It was obvious in the first quarter that this game was going to be a hard fought slog in the wet. The slippery ball was hard to handle, the wet jumpers made tackling nearly impossible, and the constant rain meant scoring a goal would require divine intervention.

Coach Paul had asked for extra effort from all the players. He asked them to push that little bit harder to impact a contest and affect a spoil. To stick close to their opponent and ensure every possession was hard earned. To follow up when the ball went to ground and maintain the pressure. The Cannons courageously fought the David and Goliath battle but ultimately 16:22 is not an even contest and the weight of numbers caused the floodgates to open with the Saints eventually running away convincing and deserving winners.

Despite the gloomy skies there were plenty of bright moments. The reuniting of the successful midfield combination of Big Riggers and Cooper coupled with Eathn’s trademark ferocity allowed plenty of first ball use. Fighting against a flooded defence, the second efforts of forwards JB and Woody in conditions that didn’t suit big men was encouraging as was the contribution from debutant Adrian who was unlucky not to pick up a goal with his first kick of the game. Husky and Kipper adapted to the conditions well and applied great forward pressure  as did Broadie who was perfectly at home down at water level where the ball spent most of the day.

Courage was on show watching Lachie fearlessly contesting against a player that towered over him and again with Texas ferociously tackling on the far wing even when the game was done.  Max’s determination and commitment didn’t stop even after he was pounded into the ground in a contest.  Rising star Rameez proved last week’s stellar performance was no fluke with another outstanding all round game.

The Cannons backmen can all hold their heads high. Killa ensured his opponent had no influence on the game and Cruisey’s charge at the ball and at the start of the second half was rebound footy at its best.  Grechie was consistent and reliable all day and ended the day on a high somehow marking an incoming torpedo, a feat that would have been impressive in the dry and was nothing short of miraculous in the conditions.

At the end of the game the rainwater on the ground reflected the scoreboard but the scoreboard did not reflect the game. The Cannons were courageous and determined and their effort cannot be questioned. They are weathering a storm of injuries but the forecast looks bright so keep the faith!


Match reporter: Stephen Grech

u17s Round One v Moore Park, Bat and Ball Oval

It was worth waiting six months for.

Not just a great win, but seeing the boys look after each other and respond when challenged.

And watching new players make such an impression in their first game.

Welcome to footy Liam, Ellis and Jordan.

From the first ruck contest when Liam followed up his own knock and dished it off to Ellis who dashed through the middle, to Jordan’s defensive work, it was clear we had found some lads who would fit in perfectly.

Liam’s dominance in the ruck and Ellis’ dash set us up with several early chances and while we gave up the first goal to Moore Park, we quickly claimed the momentum.

As it was throughout the game, the senior players stood up and got us back in the contest, captain Jacko combining with his deputy Cam and Louis to claim control.

And when it occasionally became feisty, everyone was in to back each other up.

We finally took the lead when Alex converted from a contested mark late in the first quarter and we were never headed again.

We opened brightly in the second term with Paddy’s second and third efforts setting up the second of Alex’s five goals, while Liam and Ellis continued to combine and then Wriggles set the game alight with his blistering pace.

He’d beat defenders with sheer speed but still had enough control to deliver the ball sweetly and set up a couple of third quarter goals for Louis on his raking left foot.

Buck was strong at the back, repeatedly taking intercept marks.

As they always do, Moore Park kept going and after seemingly being in complete control at two goals up, we were only two points ahead at three quarter time.
So we again called on the leaders to lead. And they did.

With no-one on the bench and with a couple of players carrying injuries, there was a danger we could be overrun on a warm day, but the lads showed plenty of character in a high scoring final quarter.

Jacko and Cam were strong in tight and put us on top after the break.

When Louis lined up for a set shot from the wrong boundary for a left footer, Mala on the bench spotted Alex lurking in the shadows and predicted his next move. Steve Johnson would have been proud as Alex demanded the handball off Louis and then delivered as he curled in the goal from wide out to give us some breathing space early in the final term.

His fifth shortly after extended what appeared to be a match winning lead until Moore Park rallied yet again. Anton kicked a much needed settler and then Paddy twisted and turned and kicked a goal over his shoulder to seal the 12 point win.

The boys have built a good bond over their resumed pre-season Sunday sessions and that spirit was obvious during and after the game and augurs well for a positive season.

CANADA BAY 9.7.61 Goals: Alex 5, Louis 2, Anton, Paddy

U15 Div 2: Round 1 vs Penshurst

Friday night under lights

In 2020 the COVID 19 pandemic has dominated the media and completely changed our lives. We have had to learn remotely, communicate differently, and an entirely new language has become the “new normal”, even on the football field.

The season opener was played under new protocols, against a new opposition and welcoming a few new faces, but the wet conditions meant the ball slipped through hands like a bar of soap at a hand washing station.

Despite the sanitiser there were very few clean possessions in the first quarter as the lack of match practice and the intense pressure from both teams made the going tough. Goals were harder to find than toilet paper during lockdown and there was barely a goal separating the teams at quarter time.

Coach Paul reminded the boys that “stopping the spread” didn’t apply to the forward line as he encouraged the forwards to spread out, lead into the pockets, and allow the midfield to flatten the curve out into the open spaces. Despite the effort Penshurst started to gain the ascendancy in the middle but the Cannons backmen put the game into lockdown. All were outstanding but none more than Ethan, who followed social distancing rules to the letter and ensured nobody got anywhere near him when he had the ball. The constant pressure meant that Penshurst couldn’t convert possession into goals.  Forget “pandemic”, it was “damn panic” when, despite their domination of the play, Penshurst was only 9 points up at half time!

A quick goal to Penshurst at the start of the 3rd term injected them with a confidence  which spread like a virus through their entire team. The Cannons defensive 50 became the hot spot as a cluster of attacking players made it more crowded than Bondi beach in March. Penshurst effectively shut the border across the centre of the ground, and imposed their own travel restrictions which ensured the Cannons had to stay at home inside defensive 50.

Health authorities encourage people to get tested and the final quarter certainly became a test for the Cannons. Shortness of breath was common but in this case a clear symptom of lack of match fitness.  Damo started cramping, Max was clearly in pain, Killa looked unwell and Stewy was physically sick, but like essential health workers, they courageously dug deep to keep the game alive. The inevitable outbreak of goals eventually came and Penshurst were able to record a tough but well deserved win.

There were plenty of disappointed Cannon faces at the end of the game but the result masked some real positives. Debutants Rameez, Jack and Luca showed plenty of pace and mobility and experienced players Cruisey and Riggers continued where they left off last year and dominated their opponents. Elliot has improved his skills adding to his already impressive stockpile of speed, strength and endurance.

Overall the Cannons were Courageous and they had Opportunities but ultimately they were Valiant In Defeat. Despite the scoreboard, those 19 players can hold their heads high and look forward with confidence to next week.

Round One – U12 Youth Girls

Round One – u17s Div 3 Mongrel Ducks v Pittwater

A new team takes the field

The Mongrel Ducks stepped into the unknown at Jubilee Oval on Sunday and ended their day knowing that this joint venture will be a success.

Eight Canada Bay boys teamed up with eight from Glebe/Newtown and under the excellent guidance of coaches Matt and Jack, they gelled together instantly, shared the footy with each other and even reunited with old primary school friends.

And they showed a lot of heart. With no-one on the bench against a fully stocked Pittwater outfit, they went into the final term only a couple of goals down but ran out of legs to lose by close to five goals.

The scoreboard was no reflection on their effort and, with more time together, they’ll only get better.

Matt says he was very impressed with the boys’ attitude and ability to work together so quickly.

Manfred will go down in trivia quizzes as the Ducks’ first goalkicker for 2020 when he played as a speedy lead up target in the first half. But he was a lot more than that, going into the ruck in the second half and holding his own against some much bigger opponents. “Manfred showed exceptional leadership, with multiple efforts at the contest,” Matt said.

Will put his hand up to start in the ruck and despite his lack of experience there, won plenty of hitouts against three opponents and then crumbed an excellent goal when shifted forward in the second half.

Matt described Tommo as a “very useful rover who went in for the hard ball in the contest. Excellent option and use of the football under pressure and around the ground. Went forward when needed a breather and remained effective in applying forward pressure.”

Fin worked his way into the game in the second half and took multiple intercept marks, including a typically brave effort going back with the flight of the ball, while his tackling was also rewarded with free kicks. “Fin used the football well and stood up when needed most,” Matt said.
Brayden read the play well on the half back line with a couple of intercept marks and a solid kick to targets down the line, while Matt was impressed with first gamers Luis and Nick.

“Luis found great position throughout the game taking marks when the ball came to him and then kicking to a good spot. And Nick was handy as an outside runner on the wing and off the back flank. Worked well in the back pocket beating his man or applying pressure.”

Another first gamer, Tom Ryan, made an instant impact with his speed, physicality and massive boot. “Thomas has blistering speed which he used to his advantage to get to the contest first,” Matt said. “Very physically imposing on the opposition and make a great effort. Switched the midfield to give others a break, Thomas’ physical presence helped create more stoppages.”

So it was a really encouraging effort first up and if the boys keep at it, they’ll have a good season. Thanks to our friends from Glebe for managing the team and ensuring all went smoothly.