U12-3 Canada Bay Cannons vs Westbrook Bulldogs

“We can always begin again”

Major Semi-Final 19 August 2018

With the regular season behind them, Cannons U12-3 Orange and Westbrook Bulldogs, the two  teams at the top of the ladder met on a wild and windy St Lukes Oval to decide who would be the first into the Grand Final.

With a Severe Weather Warning in place and gusts of up to 90km/hour forecast, the slick skills of a calm Thursday night’s training session gave way to a battle of wills. With the wind moving the ball sideways and the Cannons running into it in the first quarter, it was always going to be difficult to stem the tide. However, with Damian controlling the backline the Cannons only conceded one goal in the opening term and headed to the break within nine points of the Bulldogs.

A surge out of the quarter time huddle was soon followed by an excellent Denver goal and a constant stream of pressure thereafter. Luke and Ethan showed great tenacity in the forward line and were desperately unlucky not to find six points next to their names. It was touch and go at half time and the game was promising to live up to its billing as a contest between the two heavyweights of the competition.

The second half started with a bang for the Cannons with Luke’s goals into the breeze defying belief ~ and for the first time the Cannons were in front on the scoreboard. But the pressure from the Bulldogs kept coming, with Jasper having a very strong quarter in defence. Despite conceding a goal with only 16 seconds to go before the final break, it was a really good defensive effort in tough conditions.

Moments after the hooter signalled the start of the final quarter Luke found the middle of the sticks from the 50m mark and, down by only two points with a huge breeze behind them the Cannons looked a good thing (a ‘Gold Jacket’ good thing!)

However, despite Herculean efforts from Lucca, Lachlan and Ethan the space between the big sticks proved to be elusive and at the bell the Bulldogs had prevailed by two solitary points! Congratulations and commiserations found themselves in the same sentence ~ but “we can always begin again”.

Congratulations to all the boys for playing the game in the right spirit ~ we’re now only two good training sessions away from a grand-final win that promises to be all the sweeter for a loss that was measured in inches. Next time.

Round 15 Cannons U12/3 Orange v Willoughby Wildcats

The last game of the regular season for the 12/3 Orange team was held at ELS Hall, the proxy home ground of the Willoughby Wildcats. It was a perfect (winter’s) day with even the August winds reminding us that the footy season still had a few weeks to go.

The team warm up was taken very seriously on the main oval, the even bounce (thanks to the astro turf) and skills were on show for not only the dedicated supporter group but the locals too, who seemed just as fascinated.

The team moved to oval #3 a little less green and a few more tuffs of grass than the perfection of the warm up pitch. The first bounce saw the ball go deep into the Cannons back line with great defensive work shown by Alex H ensuring the ball moved forward and the strong performance from the midfield enabled the ball to find its way to the forward line. Lucca wasted no time in registering the team’s first major.

Denver was certainly making up for his time away with some brilliant evasive work down the sideline and a centring kick into the forward line. Great tackling by Bailey and pressure by Lachlan saw a free kick awarded, Lachlan’s shot registering a behind. Aidan was creating opportunities and looking for team mates as too was Hamish. The second goal of the first term came off a solid mark and kick from Damien into the safe hands of Lucca.

The second quarter saw great work by Hamish taking a great overhead mark and kicking forward, Luke B was tackling hard as usual and raking up possessions. Russell was having another solid game tackling the opposition and ensuring the ball would remain in the goal scoring zone. Luke T brought his A game showing great tenacity in shutting down the opposition. Mikhail was displaying safe hands with his overhead marks. Jasper was again showing great skills gathering the loose ball and showing pace down the wing. Alex (#9) was also getting his hands on the ball at every opportunity. Despite the entertaining football by the Cannons, no majors were scored in the quarter however the plethora of points kept the scoreboard ticking.

In the third quarter Felix and Lachlan displayed great ruck work, which I’m sure Tom Harley would have been eyeing off for this year’s draft. Alex (#3) was tackling hard and supporting his team mates with quick handballs. Jackson was reading the play well and creating opportunities, his ability to move the ball forward was second to none. Great team work keeping the ball in the Cannons forward line led to Luke B snapping up the loose ball and needing no invitation slotted the third major for the day. To the Wildcat’s credit they kept coming at the Cannons all afternoon and replied with their first major. The Wildcat supporters all went up in unison spurring the Wildcat’s into action, registering their second goal in as many minutes. Great tackling saw Bailey awarded a free kick who kicked off to Felix for a clean mark and a shot at goal registering a behind. Luke B pocketed his second major of the term following a great passage of play from Denver, Felix and Damien.

Early in the fourth quarter Denver was determined to take on four players (no expectation by the goal umpire) winning the ball and passing off to Lucca and then Luke B who had another shot at goal. Russell came out firing in the last quarter setting up a goal with a superb overhead mark and kicking off to Denver who kicked the first goal of the final quarter. Alex H was relishing his time up forward with a great kick to Lucca who kicked his third. Kaelan was again putting his body on the line and for the second week in a row went unrewarded for great tackling. Another goal by Lucca and a further individual break and open run through the corridor kicking off to Lachlan who finished off the superb play with a goal rounding out the term.

Cannons taking out the match by a very comfortable margin.

Overall a fantastic team effort today (despite the 17 behinds) to finish off the regular round and move into the final series not to mention finishing as minor premiers. Well done team, coaches, manager, runners, water carriers, photographers, supplement providers (orange variety) goal umpires and goal umpire assistant (Austin) and all of the dedicated Cannon supporters.

Goal Scorers

Lucca x 4
Luke B x 2
Denver x 1
Lachlan x 1
Best on ground; Each and every player of the 12/3 Orange Cannons!

U12-3 Orange Round 14

Cannons fire up in showdown thriller

This week’s game will go down as one of the best this season. The apprehension was palpable as our Cannons Under 12s Orange came up against the undefeated, top-of-the ladder Westbrook Bulldogs in their first match up of the season.

While the Bulldogs got the jump by scoring early, Cannons were buoyed by Jasper’s sensational mark, plucked right out of the air. The Bulldogs managed to get points on the board in the first quarter while Cannons were still settling in and overcoming early nerves. Q1: WB 19/CBC 7

The Cannons flew into the second half with lightning defence by Toby, Kaelen, Mikhail and Alex P. Buoyed by such skill, Cannons went on to dominate possession and territory, edging their way to lead by one point by the end of the second quarter (Q2: WB 25/CBC 26).

Cannons came out strong in the third quarter and Lachlan made it rain, to further emphasise Cannons’ lead. Toby reigned as ultimate ruckman and the Cannon’s fast forwards dominated including outstanding performances from Luke B, Aidan, Lucca, Hamish and Luke caused Westbrook’s pressure to fade, and the match taken from their hands. (Q3: WB26/CBC 45)

The Bulldogs’ fate was sealed in the fourth quarter by stellar performances of the backs including Damien, Alex H, Russell and Felix (keeping cool under pressure), shut down any attack by the Bulldogs forwards. Cooper was brilliant with his fast feet and inside contested work and superb teamwork was on display by all the boys including Bailey and Siam. (Q4: WB30/CBC 52).

With such a convincing win, the boys head into the semis with the finals in their sights. Though other teams may consider themselves contenders, it’s hard to imagine any side having the defensive capabilities to handle a firing Cannons forward line.

Round 12 U12-3 Orange vs Manly Bombers

This was an excellent match to watch with strong defence, solid attack and outstanding ball movement through the centre. I’m apologise that this report is light on details (and may be a bit inaccurate about who scored what), I was sucked right into watching this fast moving match as the boys pulled together with possibly their best team work for the season.

In the first quarter Lachie and Luke B. kicked us into an early lead with three goals and two behinds between them. They were well supported by Jasper in the forwards and Ethan in the midfield. In the second quarter things slowed down a bit as we headed into the breeze. Damien ran half the length of the field to kick a behind, our only score of the second quarter. Good pressure from the backs and mids kept the Bombers scoreless in this quarter. Our team took control of the game and piled on the points in the third quarter, with goals to Jackson, Felix, Lucca, Lachie and Damien. With encouragement from coach Mark at three quarter time the team continued to score in the final quarter, with goals to Lachie and Jackson and several behinds, resulting in a really healthy final score line.

A great display of team work, at both ends and in the middle, resulting in a big win for the Cannons. Well done boys!

Round 13 U12-3 Orange vs St Ives

First quarter we really dominated the game. Keeping the ball in our half with some excellent kicking to our goal area to set up goals. Also some great marking and goal kicking. 

Second quarter St Ives came back putting the pressure on with the ball staying in St Ives half for most of the quarter. Our Defence was strong keeping their scoring to a minimum. 

Third quarter we kept the pressure on with both teams scoring very little. Great work by centres.

Fourth Quarter the whole team played excellent football, scoring another 20 points and stopping St Ives from scoring a goal.

Great game! Lets hope they can keep it up.



Round 11 U12-Orange vs Mosman Swans

U12 Orange v Mosman Swans

Round 11, Middle Head Oval

An 8am start at Middle Head Oval saw us take on the 5th placed Mosman Swans. It was certainly brisk and the Cannons took a while to get themselves firing. The first quarter was not one of our best but we did see some great individual performances and it felt like there were three Luke T’s on the field as he was in everything and even managed to bag a goal. Ethan was great around the ruck as was Cooper and Mikhail landed a couple of strong ‘hip and shoulders’ to let the Swans know we were there to play. Things fired up in the 2nd with Denver starting to dominate the ruck, Ethan again working his magic around the ruck and pushing the ball up field to give our forwards some shots at goal. Lucca B fired up and was tackling really well while clearing the ball out to his team mates. Alex P contested hard against a couple of Swans and got the ball away for a behind.

After the long break, and some words of encouragement, we came out looking to stamp our mark on the Swans and show them why we are equal to any team in the competition. Luke T was again outstanding and somehow inserted himself into pretty much every passage of play, Cooper got a goal and was moving the ball really well, which again created opportunities for the boys up front. Mikhail made it hard for the Swans to move the ball which meant they didn’t get too much to their forwards and – if they did manage to get near our goal – our backs, led by Alex, simply shut them down. We moved into the final quarter a couple of goals down and the whole team lifted, which kept the ball moving in the right direction and creating opportunities to score. Lachie W had a couple of screamer marks, was kicking strongly as usual while moving around the field to get involved. Aiden grabbed an important behind and Denver nailed a goal that pushed us into the lead. Luca B sealed the deal with a goal and behind in what was a outstanding performance for the day.

We can put the slow start down to the cold weather and it was great to see the team lift and focus on moving the ball forward, talking to each other and putting themselves in a position to create opportunities and score points. We are marking well but our kicking and securing the ball off the ground needs work. A Mosman dad commented to me that our “defensive wall” was game changing and was not allowing them any chances to score. Easts and Westbrook will be watching our game tapes to try and figure out how they are going to play the best team in the comp.

Great effort everyone, please work on your kicks and picking the ball up of the ground (bend your knees to lower your centre of gravity and keep you balanced while you scoop the ball up). Singing the club song is always a lottery and this week was no exception, unfortunately parents I don’t think we have any future Voice winners on the team. Overall a really pleasing game and another WIN for the mighty U12-3 Orange Cannons.

U12 Div 3 Orange: Round 7

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Div 3 v Pennant Hills Demons

Round 7, St Luke’s Oval

It’s cool & hazy at St Lukes Oval & I need a coffee. GAME ON!!

The boys are getting first to the ball and have a great tenacious ability to lock it in, which helps with the first goals of day to Luke T & Cooper. Lucca puts in some great tackling & chasing. There is good ball movement out of the backline into the centres by Luke B. Great mark in Q2 by Felix and more great tackling by Luke B. A tough customer is Luke B. And again more great drive into the forward line by Ethan. Alex pops a great goal in the 2nd quarter so we’re getting lots of players on the scoreboard

More good drives out of the backline in the Q3 with linking from Damian-Luke B and into Felix for a well deserved goal. We’re able to lock in in the forward line which is great and the boys’ ability to keep pushing forward is being rewarded with extra goals. Denver is putting in great kicks out of the centres & into the forwards to give the Canons all those opportunities on goal.

Good shepherding by Lachlan and the boys are getting quite a lead on now. Although they do need to talk a bit more to each other. More yelling & calling for the ball. Give each some support & congratulate each other when goals are kicked or a good field play is made.

Cooper again with a great game & bags 3 goals including a nice late goal deep in the last quarter. Well done Cooper!

Overall a great defensive effort by the team, which is reflected in the scoreline. It is a big win to the Cannons. The links & drive out of the backline into the forward line is particularly pleasing and the boys are really starting to gel together as a football unit. Let’s keep it up for the rest of the season.

U13-2: Match Report Round 7

U12-3 Orange: Round 6 Match Report

Canada Bay Cannons U12-3 v St Ives

Round 6, Acron Oval

It was a brilliant sunny day at Acron Oval St Ives for the boys’ first afternoon game of the season.

Q1: Cannons started strong, hard defence and transitioned the ball extremely through midfield. St Ives put up a great defensive effort early however the Cannons tackling kicking and passing was on song. Kicking 3 goals 2 behinds ending the quarter with a 19 point lead (20 vs 1).

Q2: With our confidence high, the Cannons dominated the second quarter shutting down the St Ives attack. Great work and effort displayed from the boys in our midfield and back positions. Through gritty defence and determination to win the ball in the rucks, the Cannons pushed forward and the boys playing up front took advantage by slotting home 2 goals and 3 behinds extending the lead to 35 points to 2 heading in to half time.

Q3: Cannons came out for the second half and continued to push forward holding St Ives within their own half for majority of the quarter. The Cannons supported and chased hard, never letting up. The boys in the centre did a great job in closing down St Ives and stopping the ball being pushed forward and winning a majority of ball ups by the umpire during stoppages.

Q4: St Ives came out in the last quarter and lifted limiting the opportunity Cannons had in front of goal and spoiling our attacking efforts. St Ives managed to get a couple of goals as the boys slowed after the effort during the previous 3 quarters caught up with them but still managed to win the game by a comfortable margin.

U12-3 Orange: Round 5 Match Report

Canada Bay Cannons U12-3 Orange v East Sydney Bulldogs Red

St Luke’s Oval, Round 5

Despite best efforts, the boys fell short to the consistency of the Bulldogs.

I noticed that the kicking accuracy had improved greatly, and our boys were finding the target more often. Several fantastic marks in a thrilling game to watch, with team Orange continually fighting back against the Reds.

The boys were calling more often to their counterparts and giving themselves plenty of space. They were using the whole ground more effectively and continually applying pressure. Fitness has improved markedly over the past few weeks. There were less errors and they were taking more risks.

Up until this match, the boys were top of the table and this is a real testament to Anthony’s enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the game as our coach.

Match Highlights:
• Our forwards started strongly with some solid kicking by Luke B
• Luke T fired back with a great 6-pointer
• Jasper was on the ball constantly
• Toby kept up his reputation for solid tackling and winning the ball-ups
• Damien was the most consistent player on the field
• Denver took an impressive mark in the second quarter
• Some great kicking and handballs from Alexander H
• As usual, Aiden and Alexander P were all over the defence
• A jaw-dropping long-range kick from Russell
• Siam was fearless in defence with some solid marks
• Kaelan took the mark of the day
• Hamish darted and weaved his magic and was integral to a consecutive chain of possessions
• Mikhail upset the Reds with some enthusiastic tackling
• Bailey kept the game moving with some quick passing and bustling
• Solid defensive kicking from Lachlan
• Ethan saved a final attack and scored a long-range goal
Looking forward to having Felix ‘the hammer’ back next weekend