Under 15s Round 7 v Moore Park, May 26

Look under F in some dictionaries and you’ll find this definition of footy: “A bunch of mates having fun, working hard together, putting their bodies on the line for each other, sharing with each other, helping each other out, running all day for each other, never giving up, just so they can all achieve the same goal together. And then they burst into song.”

Our boys obviously read the right dictionary, applying that definition perfectly on Sunday as everyone contributed to a gutsy and thrilling one point win against a Moore Park team that beat them by 50 points only the week before.

There was a fair bit of skill involved in the win, but there was also a lot of the physical side Tony has been emphasising so much.

It was Ozy’s run from 20 metres to put on a shepherd, Manfred’s 40m chase which forced a fumble and allowed Johnno to lay a fierce front-on tackle, Andrew’s second and third efforts to bump and tackle, it was Tank’s desperate lunge and punch from behind, Nic’s hip and shoulder, Sam F’s bump which gave Joey room to run, Paddy throwing himself head first into a pack to clear the ball and keep it in our forward line in the dying minutes.

The boys might have kept their cool in those dying minutes, but it was tense on the other side of the boundary as the clock ran down.

After a dominant third quarter in which we kicked three goals to one, we took a seven point lead and a lot of confidence into three-quarter time.

Tenacious X put us further ahead early in the final term when he still managed to get boot to ball while horizontal and mid-air after being scragged and flung to the ground. He ended up on his backside, but the ball ended up through the big sticks and we were 13 points up and, apparently, in control.

But, as Moore Park do, they kept fighting and responded well with a couple of goals to get to within two points and set up an exciting final two minutes. It was desperate stuff as the boys threw themselves at the footy and into packs and tackles. Nic’s brave mark in defence cut off a potential match stealing entry and we took control, ferociously keeping the ball on our forward flank for the final minute or so to claim a great victory.

It was a brilliant all-round team effort, starting in defence with not just the aerial skills of Alex, Johnno and Sam F but the tenacity of Tommo and Andrew who constantly rebounded as the first line of attack.

Fin’s poise on the wing is remarkable, calmly picking the ball up off his toes as opponents bear down on him before he steps around them with ease and sends the ball back our way, while Will creates a contest every time he’s near the footy.

Cooky’s skills and footy smarts just get more impressive each week, highlighted by his clever flick over the back, turn and gather and his combination with Sam W up forward is proving very productive.

Sam’s progress is great to watch and he is becoming our main man up forward, backing up last week’s two goals with another pair this week, with his lethal combination of strong  marking and a rare ability to beat a man or three with a little jink and step.

Damo was a classy addition and he’s welcome to back up from the u14s any time.

And it wasn’t just the kids who worked together and helped each other out. Thanks to all the parents who volunteered for duty and ensured the whole match day ran smoothly. Thankfully, the grown-ups didn’t burst into song at the end.


CANADA BAY 5.5.35 Goals: Sam 2, Cooky 1, Alex 1, Xavier 1


U13 Orange vs U13 Teal

Cannons v Cannons under lights at St Lukes

Round 7

Cannons U13 Teal were just too good against U13 Orange this evening, taking out the much anticipated local derby under lights at St Lukes. Cannons U13 Orange showed tremendous spirit, playing the best second half of their season so far. Keep your chins up boys, we have lots of work to do, but we believe in you, and know that elusive win is just around the corner.

Thanks to Milan for turning on the BBQ and making it an enjoyable evening for all.

Under 15 Round 6

U15 Canada By Cannons v Moore Park

Round 6

It was one of those classic days when the scoreboard didn’t reflect the effort.

Right from the opening bounce, the boys were switched on and it was fast, frenetic and skilful footy from both sides with some mature skills on display.

We got off to a flying start when Sam W showed some of those mature skills with a strong mark and goal after Tank, Paddy and Mala hustled to get the ball out of the centre. Cooky swooped on the footy with a one handed pick up and his clever left foot found Sam who went back to convert as if he’s been playing the game all his life to put us a goal up inside the first minute!

Sam continued to take marks and also showed his skills low down with a neat gather off the ground, a step to turn the defenders inside out and another goal from 40m out.

Will was also taking strong marks, while Mala was running hard and combining brilliantly with Tank who just ran and rucked tirelessly all day.

Tommo, Johnno and Sam F were tough in defence, attacking the footy and tackling the man, Finn was a clever linkman in the middle and Alex was classy at either end of the ground.

X kicked the goal of the day in the third term with a beautiful drop punt on the run from the 50m arc which bounced through an open goalsquare.

His supreme finish came at the end of a classy passage of play through the middle starting with Sam F in defence through Paddy and onto Delps who gave the hands to X on the run.

It was a great example of how we controlled the ball for periods and looked good when we moved the ball quickly. But we were also effective at managing the tempo, with one passage taking the footy from the back pocket to the forward pocket via seven marks in a row.

We were always in the contest and never overwhelmed by a good Moore Park team with some very handy players.

But we just allowed them to have a few too many loose men on too many occasions which cost us most of their goals. Midfielders need to remember they’re defenders as well as attacking players and need to follow their men.

Thanks to the revised fixture, we don’t have to wait too long to have another crack at them – next week in fact.


CANADA BAY 4.3.27 Goals: Sam W 2, Xavier 1, Delps 1

MOORE PARK 12.5.77

Round 6 U13 Orange

U13 Orange v Balgowlah Suns

Round 6

It was another gorgeous Autumn afternoon, this time at Balgowlah. Our mighty Cannons were up against the ladder leaders, the Balgowlah Suns.

From the first whistle to the last the Suns were all over us. They were a physical team and outplayed us across the park. In the first quarter our boys were competitive and were only trailing by a couple of goals. Unfortunately, from the second quarter on the Suns pulled away to seal the win with the equalisation rule invoked at the end of the third quarter.

There were however some terrific individual performances. William, Jasper and Felix played some great defence in the backs. Damien, Ethan and Cooper played solidly in the centre and wings. Kaelan took a great mark to prevent a Suns’ goal and Alex H was strong in the ruck. Damien had kicked two behinds. Denver had also kicked one behind and our only goal. As always, a big thanks to Charlie, Leo and Ben for helping out again.

Despite the final score line, our boys did show that they can play some good footy and move the ball forward, particularly when they support each other, create opportunities and never give up. Well done boys!



Round 6: U12 Youth Girls

Round 4: U13 Orange Cannons

Canada Bay Cannons U13 Orange  v Forest Lions

Round 4

Football this season has been tough for the boys, fitness has been a challenge now we are playing on a full pitch. With a few fill-ins we fielded 17 players, the Cannons were prepared for a fiercely contested game and ready to put in 100% effort to get a win at Drummoyne Oval where most of the boys started there AFL journey and holds a special place.

The first quarter was played at a frantic pace with every one of Forest Lions attacks forward being stopped by desperate Cannons defence.  Russell led the back line superbly to capitalise on our numbers out wide and through the middle, our first goal came from a fantastic run by Damien through the middle defensive line to put a kick on to the chest of Leo who in tern played it back to Damien to slot home to goal!  Just the start the boys wanted as they all understood the importance of a strong start.  Cannons second goal came from excellent defensive play from Russell quickly moving the ball into the forward line for another great mark by Leo who provided Alexander his opportunity for a goal and once the ball left the boot it was true and straight putting the Cannons into the lead.

Forest Lions hit back strong in the 2nd quarter tacking it up another level, our boys held firm in the middle of the park – strong tackles, handballs out of trouble and determination in chasing down almost every attacking move Forest threw at them.  Ethan showed speed out wide doing a great job of delivering the forwards opportunity. The effort from Forest was relentless and our boys could keep up the same pace they displayed in the first quarter and relinquished the lead heading into half time. In another blow Russell was ruled out of the match with injury he picked up whilst leading our defensive backline.

The third quarter was a constant stream of attack with William stepping up defensively with strongly contested marks turning Forest’s attacking forwards away.   However the attack form Forest was relentless with our boy’s struggling to get the ball through to our forwards.  Forest jumped further ahead and the game slipped away from the Cannons, however the boys still fought hard in every contest every loose ball giving 100% effort until the siren.

Cannons last quarter was full of spirit not one boy gave in regardless of the scoreboard.  What ever was said from the coach’s at quarter time seemed to click with the boys and there was renewed vigour and improvement across the park as the boys attempted to fight back.   Mikhail scrapped well in the contests and won the ball keeping his composure to pick out Denver on the flank who spotted Alex Pippia in space the ball was delivered to Alex who tore apart the defensive line with great evasion to steer home the Cannons last goal of the day – Great Goal Alex!   In the back line Felix William and Kaelan stood tall turning away attack and spoiling certain goals with desperate goal line defence.

This game was a great improvement from the previous week and every player displayed the courage, determination and commitment to wear the Cannons jersey.   Cannons success on the day came from team work, playing for each other and never giving up until the final siren.

Round Five: U13/3 Orange

Canada Bay Cannons U13 Orange v St Ives

St Luke’s Oval

A return to Div 3 was a great opportunity for the boys to regroup and return to the form of 2018 with a home game against St. Ives at St Lukes.

A strong start with the reliable figures of Felix and Bailey assisted by William doing a great job across the half back line to push the ball forward.

This was backed up by Ethan who was strong in and around the ball all day, and Damien who showed strength in the air and running through the middle to get the ball in our forward 50. A first quarter goal by Ethan sparked the boys back into form which was followed by a second quarter goal by Denver during a low scoring affair for the first half.

At the half time break, St. Ives just had their noses in front and so the boys came out from the break fired up and ready to capitalise on some of the first half efforts.

With some players still missing with injury and the legs starting to get heavy, it rested with others to step up and take control of the 3rd quarter where Siam and Mikhail who was a great inclusion back in the team provided the drive that was needed to motivate the rest of the team.

At the three quarter time break, the Cannons boys were only a goal down but at the commencement of the last quarter, St. Ives came out running and managed to lock the ball in their forward 50 for most of the quarter putting our backline under continued pressure until the wall eventually broke and we were a couple of goals down.

It was a strong consistent effort across the day for all of the boys and particularly those that are mentioned above, but with a full 4 quarter effort and tenacity to get his hands on the ball despite the numbers and being outsized by the opposition, the player for the day was Ethan.

Great improvement by the boys and the first step in getting the season back on track.

Canada Bay u15s v Penshurst, May 12

Our boys clearly love their mums. Whenever it comes to Mother’s Day, they always deliver. Flowers? Chocolates? No, something far better.

It wasn’t quite the exciting miracle of a few years ago but the boys still served up a treat for mum with their first win of the year.

It ended up a comfortable 26-point margin, but we had to work hard for it after Penshurst clawed their way back into the game to get to within three points late in the tense third quarter.

As he did all day, Joey took the game by the scruff of the neck as we headed toward three quarter time to kick a great goal and give us some breathing space. A very late long goal to Alex, with a little bit of siren luck, extended that lead to 15 points and gave us the momentum going into the final term.

And we took that momentum and ran with it to finish well on top. Appropriately, Joey kicked the sealer when he beat a couple of defenders with pace and strength and then combined with Archie to set up X who nonchalantly took a bounce as he strolled into an open goal.

We put the icing on the Mother’s Day cake when Cooky and Will teamed up through the middle to set up Sam W who kicked his first goal with a classy finish.

It bookended the match perfectly after we looked classy and clean when racing to a three goal lead in the opening term as Mala ran and delivered out of the centre and Cooky just loves his new life near the goals, kicking a pair of rippers. But the game quickly changed complexion as Penshurst all of a sudden took it up to us and fought hard to lock us into a tough battle in the middle two quarters.

Repeated defensive efforts from Sam W and Andrew, Alex and Johnno in the air, forward pressure from X, Archie’s steel and Tank’s ruckwork kept us in it as Penshurst continued to threaten and edge closer on the scoreboard.

The boys knuckled down and withstood the pressure to ultimately regain control of the match to notch up a deserved first win of the season.

Joey looked ominous before the game as he put dents into the punching bag in the changerooms and took that aggression onto the field, ending up with three goals, one hanger, many more bounces, kilometres ran and crunching tackles laid in his best game yet in the orange, teal, grey, black and white.

Sam W and Will continue to improve and are great additions to the team and received a crash course in the song after the game. They’ll be much better singers this week!


CANADA BAY 8.6.54 Goals: Joey 3, Cooky 2, Alex 1, Xavier 1, Sam W 1