Round 12 U12-3 Orange vs Manly Bombers

This was an excellent match to watch with strong defence, solid attack and outstanding ball movement through the centre. I’m apologise that this report is light on details (and may be a bit inaccurate about who scored what), I was sucked right into watching this fast moving match as the boys pulled together with possibly their best team work for the season.

In the first quarter Lachie and Luke B. kicked us into an early lead with three goals and two behinds between them. They were well supported by Jasper in the forwards and Ethan in the midfield. In the second quarter things slowed down a bit as we headed into the breeze. Damien ran half the length of the field to kick a behind, our only score of the second quarter. Good pressure from the backs and mids kept the Bombers scoreless in this quarter. Our team took control of the game and piled on the points in the third quarter, with goals to Jackson, Felix, Lucca, Lachie and Damien. With encouragement from coach Mark at three quarter time the team continued to score in the final quarter, with goals to Lachie and Jackson and several behinds, resulting in a really healthy final score line.

A great display of team work, at both ends and in the middle, resulting in a big win for the Cannons. Well done boys!