Round 3 – U15/2 v Willoughby Mosman Swans

Families often celebrate together over a Sunday lunch. It’s an opportunity to eat, relax and enjoy each other’s company but lunch time for the Cannons 15/2s this week meant footy! Having been starved of a win for the first 2 weeks there was an obvious hunger when the boys took to the Gore Hill Oval to take on the Willoughby/Mosman Swans.

The venue was new but there was something familiar about the old combinations at the opening bounce as the Cannons midfield set about serving up some of the some of the most entertaining footy you will ever see. Footy, like a roast dinner, is best served hot and the Cannons were eye watering, mouth burning chilli hot from the opening bounce.

With the stakes high, the defence went about their job like a chef cooks a steak. They put opponents on the grill, placed some t-boning tackles and shepherds, and made sure scoring opportunities were rare. Overall their performance is best described as “well done”.

The forwards presented a smorgasbord of options and importantly kept going back for seconds whenever the ball hit the ground.  There were goals on the run, goals from set shots, and one passage of play involving half a dozen Cannons that had everything – a burger with the lot! Overhead marking in the goal square the obvious answer to “Do you wanna fly with that?”

The meat in the sandwich was the midfield who took charge in the kitchen and served up a never ending sushi train of forward fifty entries.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all served by ¾ time and the result was beyond doubt, so recognising the importance of a balanced diet, some the teams were balanced out for the last quarter.

There was a menu full of players who contributed all day but there were a few listed on the Specials Board that were worth individual mention.

Fast food is popular with teenagers but Max, Stewy, Rameez and Elliot all showed that fast footy is equally popular and of much better quality.  They fried their opponents like bacon and scrambled like eggs to get the loose ball.

Playing with an injured hand, Coops ordered a take away from the centre bounce and the delivery into the forward line was at a speed Uber eats could only dream of.

Riggers is recognised as a dominant ruckman but today his sportsmanship in helping out the opposition was on also on show. His all round skills have developed such that he would be hot favourite to win “My Kicking Rules”!

Woody had an outstanding game gorging himself on goals. He took countless marks right in the bread basket and capped off a great game with the last quarter run in the ruck.

JA’s assumed the role of Masterchef as he organised teammates, dined out on countless possessions and sold candy to unsuspecting opponents. Watching it was as sweet as a sumptuous desert and his helping out the opposition in the last quarter was the cherry on top.

Damo showed us why he has been practicing left foot kicking at training with a beautiful helicopter goal late in the game. It was satisfying and tasty but really whet the appetite for more.

At the end of the game the team song was sung with gusto as the highly entertained crowds celebrated a toast with the players. The look of satisfaction on the boys’ faces showed that they enjoyed this Sunday lunchtime more than any other. Thing is now that they have tasted success, they look hungry for more!