Round 4 U12-3 Orange vs Mosman Swans

It was a perfect Autumn morning with clear skies and the sun shining. The smoke haze earlier had cleared and the sun had dried up the morning dew. It was 9:15am when the mighty U12-3 Orange Cannons began arriving at St Luke’s Oval. After a warm up the team donned their jerseys ready for Round 4 against the Mosman Swans.


At 09:45 the game had begun. Ball up! It wasn’t long before Cooper H took a great mark in the midfield off a Mosman kick. Siam P showed his tenacity with a chase and tackle to win the ball. Denver P took two terrific marks and was pushing the ball forward. Luke T combined with Cooper H in moving the ball forward with marks to each. It wasn’t long before the first points of the day were scored by Alex P with a behind. The Cannons were on the board. With 3 mins to go Lachlan W kicked the first goal of the day. At this point the Swans switched gears to score a minute later and then again 20 sec before quarter time. The Cannons trailed the Swans at quarter time 7 to 12.

Goals Behinds Total
1 1 7
2 0 12



After some encouraging words from the Coach, Q2 began. What was said seemed to have worked, as 40 sec later, Damien L took a great mark and kicked our second goal of the day. The boys were fired up! Lucca B got the ball ran around some idle Swans players, bounced and ran another 20 meters before launching the ball forward. All the boys were involved in the offensive. Hamish R with a mark and Siam P with a shot on goal for a behind. There were also great defence displayed at times with Aidan P and Ethan S double teaming a Swans player. Bailey W was committed in contesting the ball and showed his tackling prowess. The Cannons had the bulk of the possession in the Quarter until 5 mins to go when the Swans broke through kicking two quick goals. Alex H and Bailey W were gallant in defence protecting our goal with great tackling and assists. Unfortunately however, the Swans scored their third goal for the quarter 20 secs before half time extending their lead over the Cannons by 15 points.

Goals Behinds Total
2 4 16
5 1 31



Coach Anthony spoke to the team about their walking on the field and not manning up, during the half time break. Q3 began as Q2 had ended, with the Swans scoring another goal. Our boys then picked up their game. Toby D marked the ball and kicked a behind. This was to begin the comeback we all knew they could pull off. Bailey W kicked the ball, which was marked by Toby D. Toby D scored a 6 pointer. Luke B followed Toby’s example and also kicked a behind and a goal off a terrific mark. Lucca B continued to torment the opposition with great skills and bursts of speed from the ruck. There was also some great support play from Jasper C, Mikhail D and Kaelan S. At the end of the quarter the Swans were still leading, but we had closed the gap to 8

Goals Behinds Total
4 6 30
6 2 38




The final quarter was destined to be a cracker! Lucca B was exceptional once again, marking the ball, charging forward and scoring a goal. Russell P excelled with hustling for the ball  as did Alex H. One of the plays of the day was when Luke T tackled a Swan and received a free kick. This was marked by Denver P whose kick was then marked by Lucca B. Although Lucca’s shot on goal had just fallen short, they were playing like a team. Shortly after, Denver then combined with Cooper H and Luke T nearly scoring. The pressure was mounting against the Swans. It was only a matter of time. With 6 mins to go, Lucca B managed a behind, bringing us within a point of the Swans. The Cannons could smell victory. With two and half minutes to go a free kick was awarded to Lachlan W who made no mistake in putting the ball between the middle sticks. Cooper H scored the final point of the day with 2 secs remaining on the clock. The Mighty Cannons had done it to win 44 to 38.


Goals Behinds Total
6 8 44
6 2 38


The boys started slow and lost their way a little in the second quarter. They recovered well in the third quarter and finished strongly in the fourth with some great defence. There were some brilliant individual efforts, but when our boys marked up and combined as a team we saw the ball move forward, putting pressure on the opposition and then ultimately winning the day. Congratulations to the boys for a fantastic effort and keeping their winning streak alive with their fourth straight win of the season.