Round Seven: U12 Youth Girls

Canada Bay Cannons v Miranda Bombers, St Luke’s Oval

Quarter one began with Amy getting a successful shot at goal. Audrey demonstrated great running through the centre. Marlie and Cristina also demonstrated great running with the ball and some clever kicks in the mix. Zara provided a quick kick and set up a great goal for Edie. Superb team work.

Second quarter saw Ivy P have a great pick up and a selfless handball to Esperanza led to a goal for the Cannons. Amy and Cristina dominated with their kicks from defence through to the midfield into the forward line. Eperanza put on a burst of speed and after quite a lengthy run scored a goal.

Quarter three saw Cristina score the mark of the day while facing a now blazing sun and this was most special given the ball impacted her face first. Very brave. Ivy E had a fabulous pick up, ran with this and scored a delightful goal. The Cannons really started to demonstrate good skills with Amy having two amazing runs with two bounces between. Marlie showed her fantastic sheparding skills and Cristina was outstanding with her pickups and kicking throughout defence. Amy scored an awesome goal 50m out. Cristina and Amy spotted each other well and transitioned play from the backline into the forwards.

The final quarter saw Edie beautifully tackle and steal the ball on the wing and handball into the forward line for great field position. Ivy P had some lovely runs throughout midfield and Hayley had a lovely goal out of the pack. This team has improved throughout the season and it was great to see happy faces after the match.

  • Craig