U12 Youth Girls: Round 4

Cannons U12 Youth Girls v East Sydney Bulldogs Red

Round 4, St Luke’s Oval

It was clear from the first bounce that the Mighty CBC U12YGs were eager to show their skills, strength and determination to our opposing team – East Sydney Bulldogs Red U12YG.

Rocket Ruby lead the charge and was onto the ball at every opportunity to show the Red Bulldogs who was boss. Magnificent Molly scored the first goal of the game, which boosted confidence and the spirit in the team. Notorious Niahm had an cracking game. She chased down the balls and booted them down the field with deadly precision.

Incredible India together with Shining Skye and Talented Tamara worked very hard to hustle the Bulldogs and ruffle their feathers. Killer Katie put on a brilliant display of athleticism by running the opposition off their feet. Heroic Hannah was outstanding on the defence she was relentless in her shepherding to ensure we maintained our well earned lead. At the end of the second quarter, our CBC girls had secured a lead of 23 points (29 to 6) going into the main break.

Super Sienna showed her unwavering spirit and Cracking Caterina was flying high with her marking skills. Lightening Lila defended the ball to remind the Bulldogs that we were still in charge and Tenacious Tahnee made sure the ball didn’t stay long in our back line.

It wasn’t only the sun shinning brightly at St Luke’s on Sunday morning after the final siren, it was the smile on our girls faces as the final score read 58 to 24. Congratulations girls on your well deserved win.

Match report by Sue