U17s Div 2 Round 3 v Kellyville

The trip took longer than the game. But at least all those L platers clocked up a few hours.

An awful leg injury to the poor Kellyville lad just before halftime put an end to what was shaping as a terrific contest.

We might have been two points up at the time but we’d let a three goal lead slip as Kellyville lifted their intensity in the second quarter to put the game back on level terms.

Our first quarter though was a potent blend of tough defence and free flowing running footy.

Time and again, the desperate defence led by Mala, Buck and Jacko held Kellyville out and then launched our attacks. 

Paddy was a creative link between defence and attack and won the footy in the clinches as well as outside, while Ellis and Wriggles ran hard through the middle.

We finally broke open the tight contest when Tom uncovered his new Irish manoeuvre as he baffled the opposition, his teammates and even himself when he cunningly faced the wrong way after marking a Kellyville kick in.

With the opposition players all looking in the wrong direction, he quickly pirouetted and lined up for a straight as an arrow booming drop punt to kick the opening goal of the day.

He followed up with a couple of great contests and combined nicely with Manfred who did well in his first game up in Div 2, leading, marking and kicking long.

We started to get well on top and Paddy pulled out his best Dusty fend before his clever kick off the outside of his boot put us two goals up.

That lead quickly became three goals when a Liam handball found Jacko bursting through the middle and the footy ended up with Pat C for a simple shot in the goal square.

Kellyville narrowed the gap late in the first quarter and were close to another goal but were again thwarted by the Cannons defence, this time by repeat efforts from Andrew and Tank.

But they took that momentum into the second quarter and beat us to the footy to kick a couple of goals, while we had several near misses.

With the margin down to a few points, the game was developing into a tight back and forth contest which could have gone either way.

Sadly, the injury struck and a lengthy wait for an ambulance forced us to leave it at that.


CANADA BAY 3.5.23 Goals: Tom, Paddy, Pat