Under 15 Round 6

U15 Canada By Cannons v Moore Park

Round 6

It was one of those classic days when the scoreboard didn’t reflect the effort.

Right from the opening bounce, the boys were switched on and it was fast, frenetic and skilful footy from both sides with some mature skills on display.

We got off to a flying start when Sam W showed some of those mature skills with a strong mark and goal after Tank, Paddy and Mala hustled to get the ball out of the centre. Cooky swooped on the footy with a one handed pick up and his clever left foot found Sam who went back to convert as if he’s been playing the game all his life to put us a goal up inside the first minute!

Sam continued to take marks and also showed his skills low down with a neat gather off the ground, a step to turn the defenders inside out and another goal from 40m out.

Will was also taking strong marks, while Mala was running hard and combining brilliantly with Tank who just ran and rucked tirelessly all day.

Tommo, Johnno and Sam F were tough in defence, attacking the footy and tackling the man, Finn was a clever linkman in the middle and Alex was classy at either end of the ground.

X kicked the goal of the day in the third term with a beautiful drop punt on the run from the 50m arc which bounced through an open goalsquare.

His supreme finish came at the end of a classy passage of play through the middle starting with Sam F in defence through Paddy and onto Delps who gave the hands to X on the run.

It was a great example of how we controlled the ball for periods and looked good when we moved the ball quickly. But we were also effective at managing the tempo, with one passage taking the footy from the back pocket to the forward pocket via seven marks in a row.

We were always in the contest and never overwhelmed by a good Moore Park team with some very handy players.

But we just allowed them to have a few too many loose men on too many occasions which cost us most of their goals. Midfielders need to remember they’re defenders as well as attacking players and need to follow their men.

Thanks to the revised fixture, we don’t have to wait too long to have another crack at them – next week in fact.


CANADA BAY 4.3.27 Goals: Sam W 2, Xavier 1, Delps 1

MOORE PARK 12.5.77