U12 Youth Girls: Round 4

Cannons U12 Youth Girls v East Sydney Bulldogs Red

Round 4, St Luke’s Oval

It was clear from the first bounce that the Mighty CBC U12YGs were eager to show their skills, strength and determination to our opposing team – East Sydney Bulldogs Red U12YG.

Rocket Ruby lead the charge and was onto the ball at every opportunity to show the Red Bulldogs who was boss. Magnificent Molly scored the first goal of the game, which boosted confidence and the spirit in the team. Notorious Niahm had an cracking game. She chased down the balls and booted them down the field with deadly precision.

Incredible India together with Shining Skye and Talented Tamara worked very hard to hustle the Bulldogs and ruffle their feathers. Killer Katie put on a brilliant display of athleticism by running the opposition off their feet. Heroic Hannah was outstanding on the defence she was relentless in her shepherding to ensure we maintained our well earned lead. At the end of the second quarter, our CBC girls had secured a lead of 23 points (29 to 6) going into the main break.

Super Sienna showed her unwavering spirit and Cracking Caterina was flying high with her marking skills. Lightening Lila defended the ball to remind the Bulldogs that we were still in charge and Tenacious Tahnee made sure the ball didn’t stay long in our back line.

It wasn’t only the sun shinning brightly at St Luke’s on Sunday morning after the final siren, it was the smile on our girls faces as the final score read 58 to 24. Congratulations girls on your well deserved win.

Match report by Sue

Under 12-3 Orange Match Report: Round 3

U12-3 Orange v Manly Bombers

Round 3

It was an early start for all, light rain but the sun magically appeared at kick-off.

Coach Anthony gathers the full team of 20 and receives attention and respect from the huddle, 16 on the field with four on the bench already gives us an advantage, with the Bombers – in their impressive retro style uniform of black and red – mustering only 16 for the holiday round.

In a daring but brilliant tactical move Anthony places Alex H as ruck and the ball is out to Toby. It’s a scrappy start but the boys settle after five minutes and show their skill with an excellent long kick from Mikhail, and strong defence from Denver and Jackson. At the five minute mark, the smiles turn on as Lucca gives the mighty Cannons the first goal, followed by Mikhail and Alex H with 16 second to run.

The constant call by Anthony to “Man Up” is heeded at least 10% of the time, which for 12 year olds is impressive.

2nd quarter: Cooper and Toby give the Bombers a fright, with Russell keeping the Cannons possession alive. The Assistant Coach and runner implores the team to not expect the ball to be kicked 50metres and to move closer. An excellent kick and mark by Hamish leads to a gaol by Cooper. The sideline banter is “run, run, run, don’t bunch up”. By the end of the second quarter, residents overlooking the beautiful Drummoyne Oval are calling their sleepy occupants out with “you’ve gotta come and watch these boys play”.

3rd quarter: The steady stream of jets overhead tilt their wings to give the 1st class passengers a better view of the game, and this distraction gives Manly an edge with our weaker defence and the 1st Bombers’ goal. The Cannons come back with a strong whole team effort, including Mikhail getting knocked down by the Bombers ‘Big Unit’ but he’s straight up again to regain the ball and kick away. Damian kicks the only Cannons goal for the quarter.

4th quarter: The quarter starts with a clear lead and domination by Cannons, this continues during the rest of the game and leaves the team, parents and cheerleaders happy with a dominating win: 39 to 18.

Before we leave the ground, just in time to miss the coffee set blocking Victoria Rd at 10am, the mighty Cannons song is sung with gusto which has been the only difficult thing for me personally as I had just mastered the first verse of the junior club song. Change is seldom easy.

U12 Youth Girls Match Report: Round 3

U12YG Canada Bay Cannons v East Sydney Bulldogs White

Round 3 29/4/2018. Trumper Oval

Match report by Kate

Q1. Our girls were all over it from the first bounce, with Ruby in the ruck tapping to Niamh and India who blasted it up to the goals with Skye kicking true with three goals, and a goal each to India and Ruby. Molly fiercely contested the ball and Niamh was excellent in defence, which resulted in restricting the competition to one goal for the quarter.

Q2. Great opening mark from Molly who converted a goal and went on to kick three more for the quarter. Consistent great passage of play from centre bounce created many scoring opportunities. Great smothering from Catriona. Tamara kicked truly for her first goal from a free kick in the pocket. Another great goal to India.

Q3. The goal party continued with Tamara grabbing two great marks and running on to kick truly for two more majors. Niamh also kicked two goals. Skye again brilliant in defence.

Q4. Last quarter saw us goalless but enough had been done by the team to bring the score Line to 15-2-92 to 4-4-28. Thanks to stand in Coach Gabby Ferreira (Drummoyne Power’s U18 Youth Girls Coach) who did an awesome job filling in for our Coach Gabi S. The girls got some great tips from Gabby that they put into practice for an awesome result.

Great teamwork, great communication, improved shepherding and EXCELLENT accuracy at goal!!!

Round 2 Match Report: U12-3 Orange

U12-3 Orange Cannons v Willoughby Wildcats

Round 2

1st Quarter: The first quarter was a tough, hard fought contest.

Felix, Russell, Damien and Denver (who made his first appearance for the year) were all working hard across the backline against the attack of the Wildcats.

Lucca, Mikhail, and and Luke were working hard across the half forward line to keep the ball there and convert scoring opportunities.

Toby was brilliant in the ruck and following up around the ground.

At the end of the first quarter, the Wildcats were in front but only due to them being able to convert their opportunities.  Damien and Luke managed to get the Cannons on the board with a point each.

Quarter time score: Canada Bay  0.2.2 to the Wildcats  2.0.12

2nd Quarter: This was a much more free flowing quarter as the boys started to settle into their game.

Coach Anthony swung Felix up forward for this quarter and he clearly likes this part of the ground as he dominated with strong overhead marking and body work around the pack with his head over the ball.

Lucca was again finding the ball and linked up with Felix on multiple occasions to keep the attack in our forward half.

Alex and Russell were proving to be ever reliable down back and drove the ball into our forward half on several occasions with strong work in the bottom of the packs and tackling to force turnovers.

Toby and Hamish combined well in the middle with Hamish reading the ball of the nice tap work that Toby was providing to the midfield.

Ethan and Lachlan were also starting to inject themselves into the game with great support and endeavour shown by Luke.

Felix finished the quarter with 2 goals off the back of his hard work,which had the Cannons back in the game at the long break.

Half time score: Canada Bay  2.2.14  to the Wildcats  3.1.19

3rd Quarter: The quarter start with a great tackle from Ethan who was showing great determination around the ground to try to help the team surge forward.

Mikhail was back on the ground and combined brilliantly with Alex and Russell to clear the ball from down back.

Damien was in the middle to give Toby a rest after his hard work around the ground, and was providing the link to get the ball forward.

Lachlan and Cooper were starting to find their form from Round One and were linking up with handballs up the wing.

Denver was also back on the ground after a 2nd quarter break, and took great marks as well as sending the ball forward with his penetrating kick.

Alex (#3) was also starting to get into the game with some hard in and under work around the packs and showing great determination to try and get the ball towards goal.

The team worked tirelessly however to keep the Wildcats scoreless for the quarter.

3rd Quarter Score: Canada Bay  2.3.15  to the Wildcats  3.1.19

4th Quarter: The boys continued to work hard into the final quarter with Felix again getting his body over the ball.

Felix got boot to ball and landed the ball in the goal square where Alex (#3) was able to get boot on ball but just couldn’t clear the Wildcats defence to get the goal.

Bailey and Kaelen injected themselves into the game and were working really hard to keep the ball up forward with great marking, strong tackling and long kicks into our forward line.

Lachlan managed to register a behind on the board but the Cannons needed a goal to get their noses in front.

Damien, Denver, Mikhael, and Alex were again strong down back managing to repel every attack from the Wildcats.

Alex (#3) continued to find himself on the bottom of the pack as part of the small forward brigade who were trying to help Felix, but it was our full back Alex who drifted down the ground and managed to kick a true back man’s goal which put the Cannons in front with 2 mins to play.

Luke worked really hard in the last couple of minutes and with the help of the backline held the Wildcats scoreless for the final quarter and the Cannons snatched the win.

Final Score: Canada Bay  3.4.22 def Wildcats  3.1.19

A really hard fought game for the Cannons who built the first round win.

Special mention to Felix  for a fantastic hard and tough first quarter down back and his two goals in the second quarter.

Russell, Alex and Mikhail for their defensive work, with Mikhail having a standout game and one of the best he has played in his junior footy career.

Lachlan and Luke were linked up really well across the middle once the ball was provided to them from either Toby or Damien who stood tall throughout and provided a great presence for the team around the ground.

Round 1 U12-3 Orange Vs Pennant Hills Demons

U12-3 Orange v Pennant Hills Demons

Round One

Canada Bay Cannon’s (Orange) Under 12 boys were away to a cracking start this season with a dynamic win against the Pennant Hill Demons.

The Cannon’s had a strong start holding Demons to a scoreless first Quarter.

The slightly larger pitch compared to last year and a warmer than average autumn day really gave the boys an opportunity to run off some of the Easter chocolate that has been consumed over the past  few weeks!

The Demons inched back in the second quarter but with a few strategic changes under the guidance of our coach (thanks Mark!) we were back in the game and the boys showed they meant business in the third quarter.

The boys really started to work together and found their rhythm in the fourth quarter with a decisive win.

A quick shout out to Alexander and his defence partners for holding the line, Alexander is showing some great intelligence in defence. Conner and Lachlan W also had a great game and displayed some great attacking prowess.

The win was attributed to every boy on the oval though, the boys all showed fantastic attitude, spirit and willingness to play right to the end.

This looks like it is going to be a great season for U12-2 Orange Cannons!


Match Report U13-2 Cannons: Round 3