Round 14: U12 Youth Girls

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Youth Girls v Moore Park Tigers

Round 14, Bat and Ball Oval

A sun drenched Bat and Ball Oval was the venue for a nail biting come from behind win for the Cannons U12YG team against the Moore Park Tigers.
The Tigers were hungry and came out strong in the first quarter, peppering the goals with several shots. Fortunately for the Cannons, none of them were on target and by the end of the first, although the Cannons had remained scoreless, the gap was not too great.
The second quarter saw the Cannons dig deeper. The flow of the game began to change when India’s kick found Molly in the forward line. Molly’s kick was touched on the line, but it saw the Cannons get that all important first score on the board. The Tigers fought back and scored three quick strong goals, and really looked like they were running away from the Cannons. The Cannons, however, didn’t let it get to them and a beautiful mark and goal from Hannah put them in good spirits. By half time, the Tigers had control, but the Cannons were far from giving it away.
The third quarter was characterised by the Cannons pulling together and showing their ability to work as a team with good results. Smooth hand passing between India and Ruby brought the ball into attack, and found Molly, who booted the ball toward the posts where India was able to finish off the goal under great pressure from the Tiger’s defence. Our girls displayed good aggression in the pack, showing that they would not give this away without a fight. They managed to keep the Tigers scoreless for the quarter and had clawed their way to within a goal.
At three quarter time, coach Gabi delivered a motivational speech fit for professionals. She asked for 100% effort from everyone and demanded that everyone be on a player and running hard for the full 12 minute quarter.
Out from the bounce, the girls were fired up. A huge kick from near the centre by Molly, miraculously bounced over the line for a goal, putting the Cannons in the lead. There was no time to relax, however, as the Tigers came back with another goal to even the score. Intense footy indeed!! India shone with a heroic run the entire length of the field, fending off defenders as she went, but was just unable to convert at the end. Thankfully Molly came to the rescue by pulling a goal from the scraps and put the Cannons in front again, with just one minute to go. Now the girls just had to hold onto their lead, which they valiantly did, with great celebration at the final siren.
True grit and determination payed off  for the Cannons. Thanks to all the heart and effort put in by Coach Gabi, Manager Kate and Cannons supporters.
Cannons 4.6-30 def Tigers 3.7-25