U12YG: Round 10

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Youth Girls v Maroubra Saints Red

Heffron Park, Round 10

Match report by Chris; pictures by Andrew

A crisp morning down at Heffron Park for Round 10.  The girls were without their favourite girl Gabi in the coaching box and it was Lenny who got them up and training a good 45 mins before the game.  The game got off to a slow start with the girls taking a little while to settle into the game and get their positions locked in.  Molly was strong in moving the ball forward and launched a booming kick to put it through the posts for our first goal.  Tahnee at the other end was magnificent in her defence and didn’t let the 3 on 1 attack from the Saints reduce her impact.  We kept the Saints to just 1 point in the first quarter and went to the break slightly in front.

Second quarter and the girls were stepping up their defence all over the ground.  Marking up was improving but still more work to be done in training on the girls shepherding to help move the play along.  They tightened up around the middle and for all the force that the Saints players brought the Cannons continued to match and overpower in their defensive attack.  Molly and Hannah worked hard to get the ball free and after a good passage of play to get the ball down into our goal square the ever reliable Molly set up and kicked another 2 goals to nudge us out in front.  Hannah stepped up again and put her body on the line with a smother that landed right in her belly – she doubled down almost winded but with all of her might stood up and got right back into the game.  Her spirit lifted all of the girls and they went into half time well ahead on the score board.

Third quarter was goal less for both teams.  Incredibly strong in the defence from both teams and clear demonstrations from a number of players with their marking and second attempts in their desire to keep the Saints from scoring.  Tahnee, Katie, Catriona, India, Ruby, Molly and all the team working hard to step up and bring a united defence front to the Saints team who continued to push hard.

Regrettably our last quarter wasn’t a lot to write home about.  The girls took their eye off the game for a minute and found themselves with the Saints assembling quickly to put on 3 quick goals.  Our girls lifted again and pushed hard to bring the ball down into our goal square and we worked hard to recover ourselves but alas didn’t get the chance to level ourselves back. We remembered the old saying that it always takes 4 quarters to win a game and I’m sure the girls took some valuable lessons away from the game.