U12 Div 3 Orange: Round 7

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Div 3 v Pennant Hills Demons

Round 7, St Luke’s Oval

It’s cool & hazy at St Lukes Oval & I need a coffee. GAME ON!!

The boys are getting first to the ball and have a great tenacious ability to lock it in, which helps with the first goals of day to Luke T & Cooper. Lucca puts in some great tackling & chasing. There is good ball movement out of the backline into the centres by Luke B. Great mark in Q2 by Felix and more great tackling by Luke B. A tough customer is Luke B. And again more great drive into the forward line by Ethan. Alex pops a great goal in the 2nd quarter so we’re getting lots of players on the scoreboard

More good drives out of the backline in the Q3 with linking from Damian-Luke B and into Felix for a well deserved goal. We’re able to lock in in the forward line which is great and the boys’ ability to keep pushing forward is being rewarded with extra goals. Denver is putting in great kicks out of the centres & into the forwards to give the Canons all those opportunities on goal.

Good shepherding by Lachlan and the boys are getting quite a lead on now. Although they do need to talk a bit more to each other. More yelling & calling for the ball. Give each some support & congratulate each other when goals are kicked or a good field play is made.

Cooper again with a great game & bags 3 goals including a nice late goal deep in the last quarter. Well done Cooper!

Overall a great defensive effort by the team, which is reflected in the scoreline. It is a big win to the Cannons. The links & drive out of the backline into the forward line is particularly pleasing and the boys are really starting to gel together as a football unit. Let’s keep it up for the rest of the season.