U12 Youth Girls: Round 11

U12 Youth Girls Canada Bay Cannons v Maroubra Black

Round 11, Heffron Park

The mighty Cannons traveled for the second consecutive week to Heffron Park, to take on the highly rated Saints Black. The Saints came into this game with a 10-0 winning record, so we all knew this would be a tough game, on top of the home ground advantage.

The first quarter kicked off with a one way surge towards the Saints goals and very quickly they had two goals on the board. The Cannons eventually steadied with a couple of strong marks from Ruby and some great work around the ground from Hannah, rucking and following up with her tackling and kicking. Tahnee showed great presence in defence standing up against her taller opponents and holding ground when she was often outnumbered. Izzy also showed her strong defensive skills tackling and smothering.

The first quarter ended on more of an even keel and the Cannons had stopped the ball surging forward so often – three goals to zero wasn’t such a bad result.

At the quarter time huddle Gabi asked the team to want the ball, start running and to play for each other – and the game suddenly turned on it’s head! Hannah’s presence in the ruck became unstoppable and her efforts to follow the ball forward were eventually rewarded with a great goal from the forward pocket. The Cannons were on a roll and Molly bullocked her way through the packs and started characteristically booming the ball forward. Izzy took a great mark and played on and the Cannons were being proactive rather than defensive for the first time in the game.

India, Ruby and Lucy combined for a string of possession down the left hand wing and the Saints looked like they had some stern competition for the first time this year. The effort from the girls was outstanding, exemplified by Molly’s big unyielding tackle in the centre of the ground, stopping an inevitable goal for the Saints. Hannah was simply everywhere and had taken on the role that Ruby has performed in recent weeks, allowing Ruby to run with taller opposition players. Scarlett was pushing her way through packs and Lila was holding ground.

In the context of the year and after such a one sided start, this was possibly the Cannons best quarter of the year – winning a quarter against an undefeated and highly skilled team. Incredible effort! 1 goal to no goals!

The third quarter was definitely the premiership quarter for the Saints. They applied outstanding pressure and started to get reward for their hard running and precision ball skills. Though they scored 4 goals to 0 for the quarter, there were a number of players than stood tall. Molly was relentless, pushing opponents aside and bombing the ball forward. India took some strong marks and played a new tagging role, Lucy tackled and ran and never gave up, Catriona pushed up the ground hard, Hannah never stopped running and getting to contests, Sienna stood tall and pushed the ball to the Cannons advantage… But the one player who shone above anyone else on the ground was Tahnee. Time and time again, she battled against taller and stronger opponents, often three and four players against her and she didn’t lose a contest. Fierce tackling, hard running and teamwork typified every play that she was involved in.

The last quarter got even better for Tahnee as she started racing the ball forward out of defence. Linking with Izzy and Ruby she ensured that the scoreboard didn’t blow out and that that her team-mates were brought into the game. She gave 3 and 4 consecutive efforts to tackle and harass her opposition players and Ruby dashed the resulting spilled ball down the wing. The Cannons spent the last 5 minutes of the quarter playing in their forward half and were rewarded when Lila launched through an amazing goal. Molly showed the way with a smashing tackle and long kicking to keep the opposition in check.

This was certainly a breakout game for Tahnee and possibly the best game that Hannah has played this year. We also saw glimpses of the future in Sienna, Scarlett, Lucy and Lila with all four showing special skills and determination through the game. We also saw why Molly, Ruby and India have long AFLW careers ahead of them – each showed the same consistent effort that they have all year, even when the tide was against them

In the end, many would see this as a disappointing loss. However, taking on the top team in any competition is always a good measure of confidence and resilience – and this week the Cannons came out in front on both counts. Only one team has scored more against the Saints this year and the Cannons were the first team to win a quarter of footy against them. Well done, girls, awesome effort!

U12YG: Round 10

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Youth Girls v Maroubra Saints Red

Heffron Park, Round 10

Match report by Chris; pictures by Andrew

A crisp morning down at Heffron Park for Round 10.  The girls were without their favourite girl Gabi in the coaching box and it was Lenny who got them up and training a good 45 mins before the game.  The game got off to a slow start with the girls taking a little while to settle into the game and get their positions locked in.  Molly was strong in moving the ball forward and launched a booming kick to put it through the posts for our first goal.  Tahnee at the other end was magnificent in her defence and didn’t let the 3 on 1 attack from the Saints reduce her impact.  We kept the Saints to just 1 point in the first quarter and went to the break slightly in front.

Second quarter and the girls were stepping up their defence all over the ground.  Marking up was improving but still more work to be done in training on the girls shepherding to help move the play along.  They tightened up around the middle and for all the force that the Saints players brought the Cannons continued to match and overpower in their defensive attack.  Molly and Hannah worked hard to get the ball free and after a good passage of play to get the ball down into our goal square the ever reliable Molly set up and kicked another 2 goals to nudge us out in front.  Hannah stepped up again and put her body on the line with a smother that landed right in her belly – she doubled down almost winded but with all of her might stood up and got right back into the game.  Her spirit lifted all of the girls and they went into half time well ahead on the score board.

Third quarter was goal less for both teams.  Incredibly strong in the defence from both teams and clear demonstrations from a number of players with their marking and second attempts in their desire to keep the Saints from scoring.  Tahnee, Katie, Catriona, India, Ruby, Molly and all the team working hard to step up and bring a united defence front to the Saints team who continued to push hard.

Regrettably our last quarter wasn’t a lot to write home about.  The girls took their eye off the game for a minute and found themselves with the Saints assembling quickly to put on 3 quick goals.  Our girls lifted again and pushed hard to bring the ball down into our goal square and we worked hard to recover ourselves but alas didn’t get the chance to level ourselves back. We remembered the old saying that it always takes 4 quarters to win a game and I’m sure the girls took some valuable lessons away from the game.

U12YG: Round 8 Match Report

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Youth Girls v Newtown Swans

Round 8, Drummoyne Oval

Match report and pics via Ian
An enormous rainbow welcomed the Cannons to their first game at Drummoyne Oval to take on the Newtown Swans.
Despite missing regular players in Skye, Hannah and Niamh, we welcomed Lucy, Scarlett and Isobel for their first games of the year. The Cannons were a little short on players, but that didn’t deter them.  They started in the same manner they finished last week. Even better, if that is possible. Quickly moving the ball forward and giving themselves plenty of opportunities to score. Sienna eventually kicked the first goal of the day, with Katie marking and kicking a second from the goal square.
The second quarter saw a stronger effort from the Swans, with their taller players exerting more influence. Tamara, Lila and Tahnee defended and fought back well keeping the Swans goal-less for another quarter. Meanwhile, Ruby continued to dominate the ruck, the forward line and the backline and anywhere else she went. Izzie topped off another dominant quarter by the Cannons, kicking a goal in her first game!
Ruby started the third quarter on fire and launched another trademark long bomb goal from outside 30 metres. Molly also worked her way into the game bombing the ball forwards and often marking the Swans efforts to exit their backline. Katie then used her strength and stamina to send another goal through and put the game beyond doubt.
In the final quarter, the Cannons did well to hold off the more attacking Swans. Lucy and Scarlett did amazing jobs in their first games, staying focused and stopping many scoring attempts. Molly and India again worked hard in the last, running hard and moving the ball out of their defensive half.
In the end it was a great win by the girls, despite being a few players down. There were also a few bruises, with Katie and Tamara shrugging off big bumps to continue playing and then present glamorously at the team photo. The Allens Snakes were well deserved this week, girls. Well done!

U12 Youth Girls: Round 7 Match Report

U12 Youth Girls: Round 6 Match Report

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Youth Girls v East Sydney Bulldogs Blue

Round 6, St Luke’s Oval

Match report by Kate

This week, the mighty Cannons were at home but short on numbers to take on the Bulldogs from East Sydney. The Cannons got off to a great start by kicking the first goal of the match. However, it was the Bulldogs who were able to run up a big lead by quarter time.

The second quarter got underway and despite the best efforts of the Cannons players, the Bulldogs were able to kick away to an even bigger lead heading into half time.

The third quarter was a seesawing affair and as hard as all of the girls tried they were not able to break through for a major score.

The final quarter brought out the best in the Cannons. They ignored the scoreboard and never stopped trying. They stuck together as a team right until the final siren.

Today it was Molly, Niamh, Lila, and India who were the standouts but they were equally supported by the efforts of Hannah, Sienna, Skye, and Tahnee. All in all it was a great effort by the girls as they look forward to taking the Magpies from West Sydney next week.

Cannons U12 Youth Girls: Match Report Round 5

U12 Youth Girls Canada Bay Cannons v Southern Power

Lincoln Oval, Round 5

Match report by Christine

It was a windy and chilly morning as our Cannons U12 girls approached Lincoln Oval down in the Sutherland Shire.  Some drizzly rain, loads of umbrellas but still our girls got into business with pre-match warm ups.  The Mums, meanwhile, were treated to a beautiful morning tea offered by the Southern Power club.  We had cakes, biscuits, tea and coffee and a lovely guard of honour for all the special mums.  It was an even bigger treat to have our girls run down and present each Mum with a beautiful rose before the bounce.

All of the Mother’s Day fun behind us and it was down to business.  First quarter and the Southern Power came out of the blocks with an attacking energy.  They organised themselves quickly with some lovely set plays, strong marks and converted a couple of goals in front of the posts.  Our girls were still waking up I think but dug deep and kept themselves in the game and defended well.  We went to the break not making a dent on the scorecard.

Second quarter and the girls were now up and at it. The midfield really stuck to their positions and Rocket Ruby, Magnificent Molly and Incredible India drove the charge in managing the ball and keeping on their players. While we didn’t convert, we certainly started returning to our form of prior weeks. By the 3rd quarter we were in the game and playing much stronger.  A lovely number of set plays, strong passing and brilliant pressure from all the girls saw the Southern Power make a number of forced errors and the Cannons girls capitalised where they could. Killer Katie kept up a strong line of defence and with the help of Notorious Niamh they kept the Power on their toes.

Shining Skye and Heroic Hannah kept doing what they do best and didn’t surrender in their quest to attack the ball and keep the Power scoreless in the third quarter.

Our fourth quarter was definitely our redemption quarter.  We communicated well, we fought hard for the ball and enjoyed watching Incredible India drop a lovely kick in front to seal one of the last goals of the game.

While it wasn’t our day today for a win we loved the morning down in the Shire and look forward to hosting the Southern Power at home soon.

U12 Youth Girls: Round 4

Cannons U12 Youth Girls v East Sydney Bulldogs Red

Round 4, St Luke’s Oval

It was clear from the first bounce that the Mighty CBC U12YGs were eager to show their skills, strength and determination to our opposing team – East Sydney Bulldogs Red U12YG.

Rocket Ruby lead the charge and was onto the ball at every opportunity to show the Red Bulldogs who was boss. Magnificent Molly scored the first goal of the game, which boosted confidence and the spirit in the team. Notorious Niahm had an cracking game. She chased down the balls and booted them down the field with deadly precision.

Incredible India together with Shining Skye and Talented Tamara worked very hard to hustle the Bulldogs and ruffle their feathers. Killer Katie put on a brilliant display of athleticism by running the opposition off their feet. Heroic Hannah was outstanding on the defence she was relentless in her shepherding to ensure we maintained our well earned lead. At the end of the second quarter, our CBC girls had secured a lead of 23 points (29 to 6) going into the main break.

Super Sienna showed her unwavering spirit and Cracking Caterina was flying high with her marking skills. Lightening Lila defended the ball to remind the Bulldogs that we were still in charge and Tenacious Tahnee made sure the ball didn’t stay long in our back line.

It wasn’t only the sun shinning brightly at St Luke’s on Sunday morning after the final siren, it was the smile on our girls faces as the final score read 58 to 24. Congratulations girls on your well deserved win.

Match report by Sue

U12 Youth Girls Match Report: Round 3

U12YG Canada Bay Cannons v East Sydney Bulldogs White

Round 3 29/4/2018. Trumper Oval

Match report by Kate

Q1. Our girls were all over it from the first bounce, with Ruby in the ruck tapping to Niamh and India who blasted it up to the goals with Skye kicking true with three goals, and a goal each to India and Ruby. Molly fiercely contested the ball and Niamh was excellent in defence, which resulted in restricting the competition to one goal for the quarter.

Q2. Great opening mark from Molly who converted a goal and went on to kick three more for the quarter. Consistent great passage of play from centre bounce created many scoring opportunities. Great smothering from Catriona. Tamara kicked truly for her first goal from a free kick in the pocket. Another great goal to India.

Q3. The goal party continued with Tamara grabbing two great marks and running on to kick truly for two more majors. Niamh also kicked two goals. Skye again brilliant in defence.

Q4. Last quarter saw us goalless but enough had been done by the team to bring the score Line to 15-2-92 to 4-4-28. Thanks to stand in Coach Gabby Ferreira (Drummoyne Power’s U18 Youth Girls Coach) who did an awesome job filling in for our Coach Gabi S. The girls got some great tips from Gabby that they put into practice for an awesome result.

Great teamwork, great communication, improved shepherding and EXCELLENT accuracy at goal!!!